Read a midi track with HalionSonic

I am using PitchCorrect as a vocoder, using a midi track as an external source to modify the sound of an audio track. I would like to be able to read this midi track with HalionSonic as I modify the midi notes, so I can hear more clearly what I am doing.
The only solution I found is to create a shared copy of the midi event to put it in an instrument track, but it means that I have to create a new shared copy of every midi event that I create, which is not convenient.
Any idea?


If you are using Cubase Pro, use the MIDI Sends of the source MIDI Track and route it to the HALion Sonic SE (Instrument Track).

Yes I am using Cubase Pro.
Here is what I get when I click on the Sends rack of my midi source :

I don’t see any possible connection to an instrument track.


It’s better to do so in the Project window.

Just enable the MIDI Send. Then you can choose the MIDI Out Port (Not Connected is shown at the first place) and the MIDI Channel. You don’t have to add any MIDI effect. That’s the way.

Actually it is already enabled, as you can see (at least it looks like!)


Sorry, these are not MIDI Sends.

Oops, sorry for that.
Now I got it, thanks!

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