"Read" Automation oddities

Hi all,

When I click the Read button on an automation lane, it enables/disables all other lanes for that track. Is this expected behaviour? I don’t remember it happening in older versions of Cubase, but it’s been like this for me since version 7 at least (on 8.0.30 currently):

I would expect only the clicked lane to toggle accordingly.

It seems odd, as this behaviour negates any reason to have R buttons on the automation lanes if they simply do what the main track’s R button does.

I also seem to be getting a lot of extra junk automation tracks recorded - parameters that I didn’t tweak during recording. In this example, MIDIChan…rt1Enable appeared out of nowhere. I’ve just been dealing with it and using the bypass buttons or deleting unneeded lanes, but it feels quite messy.

Is this a problem on my setup, or did something change at some point?

Any pointers are much appreciated.



Yes, this is expected behavior. If you want to exclude one of the automation line for a while, use Mute Automation button, please. Which is one bellow the Read [|||].

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

It was one of those things in the back of my mind I’d been meaning to check for a while!