Read Automation Suddenly Turning Itself On in a Project?

I’m suddenly having a weird issue. I frequently will manually add in breakpoints to my volume lane on a track instead of using read/write automation. In fact, I almost never use automation. I have a project that I’ve been working on for a while and suddenly today if I try to add in some manual points to my volume lane the read automation turns itself on and creates a second volume line that now is read automated volume. I’ve tried deleting the volume lane entirely but no matter what track I’m on the read automation for that track turns itself on as soon as I add in any manual points. I’ve changed nothing in this project so I don’t know why it’s happening all of a sudden. Ideas as to why this is happening?


Make sure you didn’t assign a Key Command by accident. Also make sure you don’t use any MIDI Remote Device (and you don’t send the MIDI command) by accident.

Could you reproduce it in the Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Sorry, I meant to reply to this sooner. The problem just seemed to “go away.” It makes no sense, I know. If the issue returns I will return to the thread. I wish I knew why it suddenly stopped happening in case it happens to others so they might know how to fix it too.