Read automation

If a plugin in the bus output track has an automation setting, when a new plugin is inserted, that plugin will activate the R icon by default.
Now I manually deactivate the R icons for these plugins and save the project (only the R icons for the newly added plugins are deactivated), when I open the project next time the R icons for all plugins are activated again, apparently Cubase cannot remember these settings. Cubase is not smart enough.


The Read enable is related to the track, not to the plug-in.

No, you didn’t understand how it works…
you don’t have to care about the “R” button if there is no automation data written
and changing a setting in a plug in doesn’t write automation by default, you have to enable “W” or draw in automation points…

If you need to check if your plug ins are automated, you can select “Show used automation”

Instead of letting CUBASE light up the R icon for all newly-added effects plugins without authorization, the automatic writing or reading is supposed to be activated by the user. This is clearly a mistake requiring attention to details, and it will affect the user experience.

again, you don’t understand it right… no data written, the button means nothing
if your track is write enabled all changed parameters get recorded, including the plugins

there is no read status for the plugins, only for the whole track

What I mean is: new plugins added to tracks with automation settings automatically activate the “R” icon, which is a false indication. These plugins have nothing to do with automation, but cubase automatically activates the R, which is a wrong indication. Previous versions did not have this error.
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The whole track is in the automation Read enabled state. Therefore all plug-ins (as children of the track) are also in the automation Read enabled state.