Read Mode on Desktop app

It would be a nice addition to Dorico 4 to have a “read mode”, as in ipad app. It would be useful e.g. when practicing, especially when you use a page-turner pedal.
For me, trying to get a read mode is quite tricky, I saw that the team is already aware of the problem with “full page”, “fit height” and “2 page view” (page up, page down stop functioning etc. etc.) Setting 95% zoom fixes the problem sometimes, although it is not so stable as having the option to turn page by page, or half page by half page, as in a score viewer app like MobileSheets, which I use for pdfs).
A read mode where everything hides (or auto hides) and you see only the music would be most welcome and a view that takes advantage of the whole height of the screen would be important for reading from the small screen of laptops .


There’s already the “hide invisibles” command, which hides everything that will not be printed.

I guess Hide Invisibles is useful if grigoreas doesn’t need both of his hands to practise :wink:

I can absolutely see the advantage of having a mode or a toggle that does the same thing as Hide Invisibles, plus hiding all panels (including the top one) and fitting pages or spreads to the window.


isn’t it also MIDI-mapable, for example to a foot switch? Sure, this might not be a long-term solution, but maybe a temporary fix until D4 appears?

funnily, in the german keyboard layout it’s the ° symbol, which you have to press shift-+^ for. Letting go of the shift-key before the ^-key leads to a continuous latch of the state, meaning German users actually already have this function build in :wink:

If I’m practising from an iPad, my right foot is hovering over the sustain pedal, my left foot’s doing stuff with my page turn pedal and might occasionally be needed for the una corda or sostenuto pedal.

I wouldn’t like to cast aspersions on how many feet our esteemed colleagues have, but in my case I don’t have a spare one to keep permanently on another pedal (or a spare pedal, for that matter).

Interesting point about it latching, though. It might be worth rejigging the keyboard shortcut to take advantage of that - the English shortcut latches occasionally but not in a reproducible way.

Thank you for the replies!
I think that invisibles are not much of a problem while practicing. (Of course a true read mode should hide them). I think that the main problem is to have a view where everything else is hidden (toolbars etc) , and you only see your “paper”. The auto hide feature would be very nice, because you would have the possibility of “recalling” your tools and make a change, e.g changing a fingering.
Although, the most important is to have a stable “fit to page” view (additionally, “fit half page” should be useful but not equally important). So everytime you press your pedal (or keyboard shortcut) you get a whole page and not some of the next page with a stripe from the previous


By accident I found this Hide invisibles toggle (Windows);
Press the backslash, while holding it press Shift, release \ then release Shift.
To untoggle press \ again.

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