Read-only Envelope display IMPOSSIBLE?

The Envelope template in the macro page doesn’t have a setting to make the envelope read-only. I want the user to see the (filter/amp/user) envelope play position on the macro page but not be able to edit it. Is this possible? I tried connecting the envelope display position parameter to an animation but the parameter (Filter.PlaybackPos for example) doesn’t seem to move past 2 percent. Is there some sort of macro code that will make an element on the macro page read-only so that it is not editable for the end-user? Every solution I’ve tried to think of has not worked.

I’ve had that same problem with regular text field - if it’s not a label, which is static, but something where I want to manipulate/change the value from my script the user still is able to click on it and type something in. So if there is a way to set templates like these to read-only I’d like to know, too!

I’ve found a way around that. You can create a bitmap of text and tie it to an animation, knob,etc etc.