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This is my first post on the forum, and I am sorry if this is an already discussed topic. I have tried to search but I can’t find any other posts.

I would really like some kind of “live mode”, saying now we are on the stage, I do not want to break anything during the show. There are some dangerous buttons that doesn’t give any confirmation window before executing the command. And also, removing the automatic saves when changing songs will give a great performance boost when dealing with big projects.

Would you consider this?

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Yes, we did already consider a “Lock Mode” where you can define which actions to be blocked. Will try to raise the priority for this, thanks!

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hi @danmrf and @musicullum ,

just a thought without having any overview on the development workflow:
what if leave app as is it for now regarding “lock mode” and release an updated iOS app with some basic extra controls (like mixer, transport) that meight do the same for @danmrf additionally will statisfy other users as well. Just and idea to talk about, nothing to confront :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure, more remote control for Mods is in the making, but if Stop is hit there accidently, that is not helping the show either :slight_smile:

There is no automatic save except auto save which can be disabled in Preferences.

What you appear to refer to is probably the “priming” of Songs. Execute “File/Preload” or even better “File/Preload Parts” once, and all Songs and Parts are primed for much faster switching (depending on the plugins used).

That is sure!

Well, what think I see is that especially midi files are re-written when changing to another song. Same thing happens to all midi files when saving the project. I have some special midi files (one for each song with pre programmed light show) with a lot of cc changes, and they seem heavy to both save and load, even though they are only approx 3-500kb.

I will check out those commands you are mentioning.

Could you please elaborate on this? Maybe give a repro, tried:

  • new project
  • import midifile
  • new Song
  • import another midifile to Song 2
  • switch Songs back and forth: nothing is saved

Sorry for my slow reply.

I accidentally called the files midi files, but they are MPRJMIDI files. And when taking a closer look I see that it is the file for the song beeing opened that changes, and not the one moved away from. But they are changing (updated whenChanged timestamp).

I see now that those lightcontrol midifiles are to blame for the slow response(changing songs). I also created 2 more tracks, one with just a random midifile with some piano stuff, and one with the light control, and the one with piano has no impact on the response. The other makes å delay of 2-3 seconds when changing songs with just that midifile, no plugins, audiofiles or anything. This is really sad because I have used a lot of time to create those (in cubase), and I have had no issues with them there or played back from the Ipad.

I can provide 2 of those midifiles, maybe we can find out what can be done, if there is anything I can do to improve this.

By the way, should this be moved to a new thread since this has barely anything to do with the main topic?

Nattens ängel lys.mid (444.4 KB)
när livet vänder lys.mid (241.4 KB)

Can you provide a repro for that? See mine, no files are beeing created.
Thanls for the midi files! Will check. But we did fix some related stuff, do you use the latest prerelease from

Yes, I updated to the new version just now and did. I took some screenshots and made a step-sheet:

I see that you are saying that there is no files created, and that is correct. But it looks like the whole file is beeing read into the memory and then written back to disk after changing to another song regardless of any changes. I know that this issue might be only for me because I use midi instead of dmx. But this would also be a problem if someone has a lot of CC controls for other stuff.

It’s not that we don’t beleive you, but your pictures unfortunately don’t hint at any MIDI whatsoever, and there is no repro we could follow. Could you pls provide a step-by-step procedure, if possible without audio tracks? Your picture shows one Song with audio tracks, no MIDI. All other screenshots are just to proove that files are re-written but again, no need to proove, but we need a method to reproduce it.

Either as above, step by step: new project, create MIDI track…etc. Or “Save archive” and send the folder over, but then make sure to remove audio tracks beforehand so to reduce filesize, thanks.

we do need this lock mode, please!
yesterday on a gig i hit accidentally “c” during a song and the click was gone. (its not good, when you play with backing files)
i use a mini-keyboard which is mounted on my mic-stand.
Best way would be i can start/stop via VL mods

thank you, Andi

Both are in the making.

thank you so much!


Sorry that I didn’t get the repro thing right, i actually thought that was what I was doing. But since you gave me the opportunity to send the archive, that works best for me, I have removed the song containing autdio track.

I have updated to .23, but I could not tell any difference in “change song performance”. I was thinking, maybe the Preload procedure could include loading all midi for all songs into the project? And off course not save/update the files every time you change songs. (636.7 KB)

Thank you, we will look at it!