Read-only version without dongle?

Well, it finally happened, I went off to teach (campus is an hour away) without the dongle. It sure would be great if Dorico could just be run in read-only mode without the dongle. We all know the gripes about the copy protection scheme, but if a file is unable to be edited, what’s the harm in just letting Dorico open in read-only mode? I’m sure others have probably requested this too, but forgetting the dongle just screwed up my lesson plan for my arranging class, so I would really love to see the copy protection modified to allow files to be opened and played back without any editing. Daniel has hinted that the copy protection scheme would be modified in the future, but I’d love to see a read-only version implemented sooner rather than later. Please.

I agree, although I’m not sure read-only would solve everything for everybody. Hopefully the new licenser technology is available before Dorico 4 comes out.

I wound up buying a second copy of Dorico just to avoid this possibility. My desktop uses the dongle, my laptop uses a soft eLicenser so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting the dongle. For Dorico 3 that meant I had to pay the upgrade fee twice to upgrade both copies. I’m hoping the new licensing technology appears soon so that I don’t have to do that again. I am also hoping that it is possible to resell the second license afterwards so that I might at least partially recoup that expense.

I’d really like to avoid that, but if at some point I screw up and leave for a 3 week tour or something without the dongle, I’ll probably break down and buy another license. I know the powers that be are well aware of the 2 license request, but just having a read-only version that I could use for class without worrying about the dongle would sure be useful.

Would allowing playback practically allow everybody to use the audio samples that are shipped with Dorico for free? Just wondering.

Maybe the Dorico LE 3 would be ideal for this? As I read It, It would allow opening and playback of pro files but not allow editing of the pro features and hopefully at a pretty low cost?

Elements already has a smaller sound library than Pro. Until LE is released, we don’t know what sound library (if any) it will have.

The different playback issues might nullify the whole idea for teaching an arranging class, of course. These days, many students can’t “hear what the score sounds like” just by looking at it.

I admit, I hadn’t really thought that aspect of it through. The SE version of Halion Sonic that ships with Dorico can’t be run as a standalone program, right? Just having the audio samples downloaded wouldn’t necessarily make any of them usable without Dorico. Like a lot of people here, I have other playback options so the lack of any sounds in a read-only version wouldn’t be much of an issue for me personally, but I can definitely see how this could be an issue for most if Steinberg has a problem with letting any of the sounds be downloaded in a read-only version.

Maybe some sort of hybrid solution like a read-only version that only will work for a few days unless a dongle is inserted? I dunno, but it’s just a bummer that the program is completely bricked by forgetting to bring the dongle.