READ: Select Multiple Automation Lanes

Hi Team!

I find myself frequently needing to add 4+ automation lanes of specific plug-ins. Unfortunately the current methodology involved adding a lane, selecting the parameter, and repeating for the total number of parameters desired is detrimental to work-flow experience and is an unneeded time drain. The simplest and quickest solution, also arguably the most effective, would be to modify the current list to accept input from the CTRL & SHIFT keys like a typical multi-selection list.

I would like this form:

To mirror the functionality of this form:
Select one element:
Select individual parameters whilst holding CTRL:
Select range of parameters whilst holding SHIFT:

Yes, I’m aware this can sometimes be done quicker by using the write command. Some of us are more habituated in using the automation lane list instead of opening the plugin-in/instrument and enabling write automation.