Read / Write Enable Keycommands Not Working

Anyone else using “R” and “W” to enable / disable Read & Write? I have 100s of key commands, but just noticed recently that these 2 do not work. Tried assigning new keys - example “Shift + R” or “Shift + W” and still nothing.

Thought maybe it was a track settings thing, but monitor and record enable shortcuts work no problem. As does edit channel settings, show lanes, insert / send bypass shortcuts, etc. Don’t seem to have any other problem with any commands except these two. I usually use CC121 for this, but today was using the regular key commands and noticed they weren’t working.

Weird! Maybe others are having this problem?

Using latest Cubase 9.0.2., Windows 10 Pro.

These key commands are working fine for me, also on Win10 and 9.0.20