Read/Write not working on wheels?


I’m trying to vary the speed on my wheel so that the vibrato goes faster and slower. i turn on read/write, and it’s not reading/writing.

Then I try to add manually. I go in to add a parameter, and I added Modulation, but that didn’t do anything. I tried breath, foot controller, nothing works.

Is there a way to modify that wheel? Nothing works for me.

Are you trying to write CC Data by moving the MOD wheel on the HALion Sonic GUI with your mouse?
If so, that won’t work because HS does not send the MIDI data back to Cubase. You need to add a MIDI track, write data to CC1 (modulation) on that MIDI track and then direct it to HS. If you are using a MIDI controller/keyboard, make sure it is the input of the MIDI track and that the output of that MIDI track goes to HS.

Perfect. I found CC1 in the list and used that and it’s working… thanks!!


Similar problem here, I think. I’m trying to change the rotorspeed after I’ve recorded an organ. I do not have any wheels on my keyboard so I try to record the rotor-changes afterwards but I can’t find a way to make it write. I’m using Logic Pro X.

This is really a Logic Pro X question. Since HALion Sonic doesn’t send the data to the host, it can’t be recorded. You need to connect a control in the host to the instrument and make the changes in the host. I don’t know anything about Logic but maybe someone here knows how to do that.