Ready for 'The End O' the World'? (12-21-2012) :)

My personal legend:

All my gear is programmed to stop woikin’ on that date.

But the day after and from then on, it will all work again;
but this time all soft/hardware will run flawlessly.

—yeah sure

I’m calling in dead on Monday for sure! :laughing:

And the beginning of the 14th B’ak’tun.

i knew there was a good reason that i wasn’t buying anything for christmas till the 22nd

Waiting for this date eagerly! Finally we can leave behind This World and all complaints about Cubase bugs and don’t have to worry about Steinberg ripping off our money and forcing us to upgrade to latest version, which only crashes our computers and makes our high-$$$ customers to choose studios with StupidoOne/ProFools/Illogic/Younameit.

Finally we’ll be free to concentrate on creating music in The Better Place (replace “The Better Place” with the one your religion calls it).

Imagine that … in Heaven, or the Better Place, the Beatles will call you up to record in your studio, after having asked me to help them write some songs. The Everly Brothers will call and ask if you think you might be able to work them in too. Jimi has a stand on the street corner offering free lessons, right next to John Lord’s. And Lieber and Stoller call up and ask if I might be free to help them with a middle eight or two! And for the ladies of the board, Elvis asks if they’re lonely tonight!


Anyone who can work out lunar months 13 of them) will know it’s actually next year on the 13/13/13. No I don’t know the day. :astonished:

Everyone: make sure you drop off your gear at my place on the 20th. Thanks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or if you are in the South you can bring it by my place, I am choosey though lol. I promise to use in olam haba (the world to come) Which I think for me starts the 24th as I will be taking a short beer vacation following the End of The World…

Bad News for anglers. After further research into the Mayan Calendar, it’s now been accepted they meant to say ‘The end of the worm.’

Dolphins don’t seem to be very agitated, and more importantly are still here!

Update from weather man for Friday

are we dead yet ??


i wondered why we have brilliant sunshine , certain wouldn’t happen in the uk if we were alive :wink: :laughing:

You must have gone to Hell then :laughing: as I can see nothing but heavy rain in Heaven for the foreseeable :mrgreen:

I’m starting to think there may be something to this. I awoke at 4am
To the sound of whipping wind and pouring rain. An hour later the power
Went out and it’s awfully dark and gloomy outside. I’m at the gym now, cuz
They’ve got emergency power and working showers. If I’m gonna die
today, may as well be fit and clean! :slight_smile:

The only thing I noticed different is that my farts don’t stink now. Seriously, come to my office and I’ll show you.

I want all my stuff back :blush: