Ready to buy Cubasis 3, will my bought iap's still be licensed in 2 after transferring

I would like to upgrade to Cubasis 3 but wondering if bought iap’s will be licensed for both Cubasis 2 and 3 after transfer.
Just in case for what ever reason a project wants Cubasis 2, though I will probably uninstall Cubasis 2 and fully move over to Cubasis 3 asap. :call_me_hand:

iqmusic :+1:

Hi @Iqmusic,

With the purchase of Cubasis 3, we offer you to freely transfer previous Cubasis instrument and effect in-app purchases to your newest Cubasis 3 app.

(1) The IAP transfer is supported for these apps:

  • Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis LE 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis 3

(2) These are the required steps:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 is installed on your iPad
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app shop
  • Follow the instructions shown in the IAP Transfer pop-up

In some cases, it is required to open the in-app shop in Cubasis 2, once the app has launched itself (being triggered from the “Transfer” popup button).

Best wishes,

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