ReadyBoost - performance improvement with C6?

I was wondering if Windows ReadyBoost (the ability to use a flash drive as a hard disk cache) would in any way improve the performance of Cubase 6 on Win7.

I currently have 10GB of RAM and suspect that Windows 7 is already using some of it as a cache, and RAM response time is substantially faster than a USB drive. (My evidence is that the second time in one Windows session I load a project with huge Kontakt sample sets, it loads at least 10x faster even if I quit and re-launch Cubase in between the first and second time I open the project.)


Windows 7 uses all the unused memory as disk cache, so if you have enough memory, once it has loaded all the files once it doesn’t load them again from disk.

Readyboost would help perhaps at booting time, but nothing more.