Reaktor 5 is ignored by Wavelab 9 Elements

Hi, first post :slight_smile:

I’m quite baffled that R5 is on the ignore list in the latest version of WLE. R5 works smoothly in every other host/daw/audio editor I have, even my 10 year old copy of Adobe Audition. Anyone else have this problem? Processing audio files with Reaktor is a big part of my work flow, I really need WLE to play nice with it!


WaveLab is not a musical application, and does not load VST Instruments, to reduce misunderstandings and out of scope usages.

I know, of course. I’m talking about the Fx version. As I said, it works just fine in Live, FL Studio, Audition, etc.

If there is a FX only version, then try this: erase this line and force a plugin scan: then restart WaveLab.

I’ll try that, thanks!

That did the trick, thanks again!