REAKTOR bug fixed in C6?

There’s a well documented bug (documented both with NI and SB) when using REAKTOR 5, the asio meter goes wonky and you have switch the audio priority to make it stop…does anyone know if this has been fixed in C6?


I’m guessing this is a problem with Reaktor rather than Cubase but it would be a very pleasant surprise if this issue turned out to be fixed in C6.

I’ve never seen this. Is this on Windows…?

Not a sign of this with Reaktor 5.5.1 here and cubase 5.5.2.
Windows 7 64 bit.


Same here, I use Reaktor all the time in both 32 and 64bit cubase. Never had this problem. hmmm.

I had a feeling something was wrong, I get this using ‘the mouth’ and ‘the finger’ and now I know why, they’re reaktor effects.

On my system the GUI freezes up, have to remove reaktor to cure the problem, doesn’t crash cubase, but obviously makes it unusable with the likes of the finger & the mouth

This only happens in 64bit,

problem usually kicks in after use of about 5 minutes

I had put it down to the bridge not working properly still? :confused:

just curious… are all you guys that are NOT experiencing any problems with reaktor using version 5.5 or higher? because I never have this problem with pre-5.5 versions of reaktor

I await the comments of the original poster

Reaktor crackling problems affected me for a long time in Cubase 4 and 5 - and I spent ages testing different combinations to get it to work properly, and discussing these at with Steinberg and NI support.

From memory there were two related issues on my Win7 system, one was that Reaktor changed the CPU priority of Cubase (this can be reset in task manager as a workaround). The second was that starting Reaktor caused an additional problem on some quad core systems which causes crackling and ASIO meter instability under Cubase and Nuendo. This second problem could be temporarily fixed by changing the audio priority to ‘boost’ and back again in the VST Audio System dialog box. Very irritating to have to to this repeatedly whenever a new Reaktor instance is started (e.g. while browsing Kore Sounds). It should be noted that really the combination of the two problems was the only one that actually caused audible crackling under most conditions for me, naturally this was worse at low latency.

Latest versions of Reaktor fix both these problems for my combination of hardware and software but the problem is definitely dependent on some aspects of the hardware (the second issue seems to more likely affect quad core systems), and environment. On my hardware XP was not noticeably affected - but Vista and Win7 were.

NI’s response to this made me wary of spending more money with them TBH. Bear in mind that Kore sounds/effects using Reaktor are also affected and that your Kore installation may use a different version of Reaktor to the Reaktor plug in used by Cubase.

Discussed at great length here:

not me, never had any problem with it all…

its weird though, it seems like Cubendo is the only DAW where these problems with reaktor are occurring

I have it too using Prism. I don’t own Reaktor though, so I use it from the Reaktor Player instead. Which evidently suffers from the same problem.

same here, and I also get it with the kore player. just like the others sometimes it takes a little while, and it usually happens when I’m running extra low latency even if the asio meter is only at 10%.

little by little I’m moving away from these monster sized all in one komplete bundles.

is it Cubase or NI?

I’m on Windows 7 32 bit…and this happens with any reaktor related software …reaktor player (prism), kore sounds that use the reaktor engine or reaktor itself…I’m using Cubase 5.5.2 and all the latest updates from NI…this does not happen in any other hosts that i frequent (sonar, live, reaper)…perhaps it’s an artifact of 32 bit…are they 64 bit guys having any issues like this? I have a quad core AMD system…so, that’s one issue involved…btw: for those NOT having this issue…what are your system specs?

I’m curious about this too…

I’m having the same problem with Reaktor 5.5 and some of the other Komplete 7 effects under Cubase 5.5.2.

I have a quad core intel PC running Windows 7 64bit.

Issue happens in both 32bit and 64bit windows - load an instance of something reaktor-based and everything slows down and starts crackling like mad. Have to faff about with affinity in Task Manager to make it stop.

Pain in the arse.


this problem can only be solved by NI



well, folks have been trying to get NI to fix it…NI says it’s SB, and SB says it’s NI…hmmm…2 years of this bug…and the paying customers are s.o.l.

Here, the latest updates from NI do fix both the problems I mentioned. I’m using a Core 2 Quad Q6600 on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe Board (Intel 975X Chipset), and Cubase 5.5.2 (32 bit) under Win 7 x64.

From memory, dual-core systems were not affected - anyone know any different?