Reaktor/Kontakt INSERT FX?

Hello, here is a dumbo from the NL using Cubase 5…

Is there anyone who can tell me why I cannot find REAKTOR and/or KONTAKT (Native Instruments) when I want to INSERT that with INSERTS? I guess I am stupid, but it would be great if someone still would help me.

I would like on a vocal recording for instance THE MOUTH (by NI, using Reaktor Player 5).

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Greetings, Klaas

would be great if someone could give a reaction…

Not sure about the Reaktor PLAYER (it could be short on this feature), but Reaktor, Absynth, FM8 and Maschine in my case always installed separate vst plugins called “Reaktor FX”, “FM8 FX” etc., which are visible in the insertFX list.