Reaktor won't load in Cubase Artist 8

I downloaded NI Reaktor Player 5.9.2 and it works fine in standalone mode running applications like Razor. On another PC with Cubase Artist 6 the same version of Reaktor installed automatically as a VST instrument, something that could also be done manually if needed. However with Artist 8 the scan function doesn’t detect it. I’ve copied the Reaktor plugins program file to the Steinberg VST plugins program folder and included a VST 2 pathway to the Reaktor folder.

The newer PC runs 64 bit Win 7 with i7 processor and 16 GB RAM. I got the extra grunt partly to run Native Instruments software products. All help appreciated.

You need to find where the .dll files for Reactor were installed and put those in your VST folder. I don’t believe they were installed in the “program file”.

Try running the installer again and pay attention to where it is installing Reactor’s .dll files then set your VST2 path to that folder.

Good luck.

Thanks to tips from bluzcat and NI Support so far I’ve achieved what is hopefully a temporary workaround which is a bit cumbersome. On checking the Reaktor plugin dll file properties I found that 32 bit and 64 bit were in separate folders. I copied the folder Program Files/Native Instruments/VSTPlugins 64 bit to Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 8/VSTPlugins64 bit. On restarting Cubase I find Reaktor appeared in Devices - VST Instruments as a VST 2.4 instrument. On clicking the instrument selection box in the Cubase track inspector a new line appears in the dropdown menu as VSTPlugins 64 bit. Expanding that gives Reaktor 5 and Reaktor5 16 out.

A further quirk is that on the Reaktor page which now pops up sub-instruments such as Razor cannot be dragged into position. In this case the workaround is to click File-Recent Files then select Razor. In my opinion this is all too complicated and will deter new users. Hopefully it can be simplified and there are no more glitches in store.