Real Book style


Anyone know if is possible to hide the clef, time signature, and key signature after the first stave? To replicate a Real Book Classic (1) type of lead sheet.

Thank you

Not at the moment, no, but we do plan to make this possible in the future.

Great Daniel!!! Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Any update on this?

I’m afraid not.

Is this already possible?
(Hiding clefs, time signatures and key signatures after first stave?)

Dear hpve,
I don’t think so yet…

No, it’s not yet implemented, but it’s something we expect to support in future.

Thanks for the quick reply’s!
I found however that I can have an empty clef!
That is something!
I’m trying as a hobby to make hymn books for Ipad and smartphone.
And while I’m at it: when I use a page format that is very small, I have difficulty with the stave handles. They are very big. Is this as it should be?

The handles are always drawn at a constant size regardless of the staff size. We do plan to change this in the fullness of time, but I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about this yourself in the meantime.

Would it be possible for you to use a “normal” page size but print (or PDF print) it smaller (% size).
I’ve been printing on A5 paper recently for a project, but I prepare with A4 layout as usual.