Real Guitar 3.1 makes Nuendo 8.1 CRASH!

I was working on a demo last night. I opened Real Guitar 3.1 to giver me a quick acoustic guitar sound. The track recorded just fine. But when I closed the Real Guitar GUI, Nuendo crashed and I lost the take. I re-opened Nuendo, re-loaded Real Guitar 3.1 and checked the settings and as soon as I closed it, N8.1 crashed again. Finally, I re-launched N8.1, loaded Real Guitar 3.1 and DID NOT OPEN THE GUI. I was then able to record my track and save it.

But if I need another setting, I’ll obviously have to open the Real Guitar GUI, which is clearly the source of the crash. Anyone else having issues with Real Guitar 3.1? Music Lab is up to version 5 now. Would updating to that version solve the problem? Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?