Real time audio performance meter peaks when cubase is in the background

I recently switched from windows to m1 mac and cubase is working great.
Only thing I´ve noticed is when cubase is in the background (any other app in front) the audio performance meter starts peaking like crazy, then switch cubase to the front and it stops and no audio artifacts.
Not sure if this is normal in mac?
Please comment if you have experienced something similar
Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Sonico,

I noticed that no one is responding. I don’t have a Mac right now so I can’t help much. In the Audio settings under studio setup, have you set it to release the driver when it is in the background? I wonder if that has something to do with it?

Hello oqion,
Thanks for taking the time answering to my post.
I don’t have the release driver option selected because some times while exporting a song I switch to safari or the mail to do other stuff but I will try your suggestion to see what happens.
By the way, I see the same behavior in my windows laptop with windows 11.
I would really like to know if others are experiencing the same behavior or if this is something related to my configuration.

Thanks again!!

For me there is a single blip of a spike on both the laptop and larger PC. Doesn’t effect anything though.

Hi, so I haven’t experienced this myself, (I have a 2013 Mac Pro).

However, as Cubase doesn’t run natively on the M1 chips yet, I imagine there might be some issues. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine these types of little things will get fixed when Cubase 12 comes out, which will run natively on the M1 chips.

No one knows for certain yet when it will come out, but many people suspect it will be soon.

I hope so!!!

It’s almost perfect now but I think between plugins not optimized and cubase running under rosetta these kind of glitches are to be expected.

Just to let you guys know, I was unaware that my buffer size was set to 32 samples and if I set it to 128 everything goes back to normal (no realtime peaks when cubase is in the background).

What really impresses me is that even when set to 32 samples I can work in my projects with 60-70 tracks with plugins on every channel and no real time peaks in the performance meter as long as cubase is in front of every app.
I can even record guitar or vocals without problems althoug with 128 samples I can record latency free.

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