Real Time batch export?

Today I tried a few times to do a batch stem export of around 13 groups. I am using some Izotope plugins with automation so I need to do real time exporting (grr).

However when I tried to do all the groups as a single batch export, the window popped up saying it was exporting 13 tracks at once, and then kept restarting saying it was doing less and less tracks at once. Finally it got all the way down to just exporting the first group (Kick drums) and it said there were 12 more tracks to go. Fair enough, I just figured it would move on to the next group after the kick was done…

Well it finished the real time export of the kick and then started the next track and it was…Kick again! I thought it was something weird, but sure enough 8 minutes later it went to start the next track and…Kick again!

Long story short, I canceled the batch export and ended up having to sit there and do one real time export at a time and manually start the next one.

Was I doing something wrong? Are we not supposed to be able to do a “real time” batch export on multiple tracks?


Could you attach a screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window settings, with the Batch export settings, please?

I can, but the studio computer is not hooked up to the internet so I’ll need to do that tonight. But All I did was the typical:
Checked the “groups” check box so that all groups were highlighted. I was bouncing down to 88/24 and I had “real time” checked off…Anything obvious to you that I am missing?

I’m wondering if it’s possible that Cubase interprets “real time” in a batch export to mean that it will try and export all the tracks in the amount if time that it takes to do a single normal listen through? So in other words with “real time” in batch mode it is actually working harder than not checking real time?


I just tried this. I switch Cubase to export in Real Time.

It exported all (in my case 3) Group Channels at once. So to export it took the time of the length of the song. Then I got 3 files (for each Group one file). And there was what I expected in the files.

What the difference between real time and not real time export?

Awesome. Thanks for checking that out, Martin! So that confirms my suspicion and is different than I assumed. I made the assumption that it was setting up a queue. At the very least it confirms why my computer couldn’t handle processing almost 100 tracks of audio and plugins in one pass!

I really need to spend a few minutes and swap out my VST 3 version of the izotope stuff for the vst 2 so I don’t have to do this real time bounce stuff.

If your song is 2 minutes long:
Real time takes 2 minutes to export.
Not real time takes less than 2 minutes.

In case you are also wondering why you would do real time export…If you have outboard effects then you need to do a real time export in order for that external equipment to be able to have the audio be passed through it…and unfortunately there is a bug with izotope VST 3 plugins where automation to vsts are not exported unless you render in real time.