Real-time chord analyzer

Hey Tacman,

I’ve noticed that doing the setup you’ve suggested with two tracks, the sustain pedal is not working. Any ideas??

Sorry, no idea.

So Scaler isn’t passing the sustain pedal?

I would do some tests. I’ve never really used sustain.

Record the output and look at it in list view just to see if any sustain events are there. Compare the results with a regular track.

Scaler might suppress them on purpose if it impedes it’s function maybe.

You could check all the preferences inside the plugin, if there is any.

As you said Scaler seems to not let pass through the sustain pedal but actually I am not 100% sure that is due to Scaler, I had the same issue in Reaper and in order to fix it I had to change a parameter in the I/O configuration: I switched “Replaces MIDI bus” to “merges with MIDI bus” then sustain pedal was working but ok Reaper is a totally different philosophy and maybe this information don’t help to fix it in Cubase.
Scaler is quiet simple, I don’t see preferences related to sustain pedal…
Could be the routing made in another way ?


I have the same issue where this time the sustain pedal is automatically triggered in Scaler…and it’s affecting the VST it controls.

any insights about this issue years later?

I used this one for years:

Its free and cut down to the basic things.
I wish this was coming with cubase.