Real Time CPU Peaks and freezes

Hey guys, I just bought a new Macbook pro, 2018 model with i9, 32 gb of ram, and Cubase is having tons of real time peaks in sessions which are not demanding at all. I’m on the latest mojave, and on the latest cubase. I have a UR824 Interface, everything is up to date.
Since the last Cubase update (10.0.10) I have some a weird freeze once in a while, audio stops completely, cpu meter goes down, cubase is stuck for something like 5-10 seconds, until everything come back. It could happen once in 10 minutes and it could happen 5 times in 1 minute so i’m really not sure what it is.
I’ve got all my plugins out of the VST folder just to make sure it’s not a faulty plugin, but it won’t help.
I even tried to make an empty session with just 2 audio channels, nothing on them, and the cpu real time peak meter goes like crazy…
I’m really not sure what to do,
Thank you.


I’ve noticed that Cubase crashes when I’m trying to switch projects, too.