Real time export with hw sends?


I am having a slightly annoying problem that I hope there’s a good easy workaround to.

I have my template setup for recording from my hardware setup, and it works great.
However I have a number of hardware fx sends, and I have them all setup on the sends for each input. They are all bypassed in my template though, but I like having them on there so I can send things through my hw fx at a click of a button.

The problem comes when I want to export my track. Even if all my hw sends are bypassed Cubase still forces me to do a realtime export. Is there any way to circumvent this without removing the sends from my channels? Or do I have to remove my hw external effects when I hit export?

When Cubase detects active tracks that contain references to external instruments and/or devices it automatically assumes a real time export is needed. Bypassing won’t solve this. It might work when you ‘mute’ the tracks containing those sends?

Unfortunately that wont help, since I am using those tracks. They just have the sends bypassed (as per my template so it’s quick and easy to enable them if I want to use them).
All my audio tracks have sends set up just like this in my template:

I have this set up in my template as well:

I guess my solution is to delete the hw send channels when I want to export without using them.
It would’ve been nice to be able to force a real time export if the sends are bypassed and not actively used.

Yes, just delete them in the active project! Not a big deal. As long as you don’t save/overwrite the original file that contains these? :wink:

That worked fine, and yeah it’s no big deal.
I just think it’s too bad I can’t force cubase to export anyway and stop trying to be smarter than me sometimes :smiley:

Thanks for replying and hearing me out :slight_smile:

Cubase tries to be smart by detecting what’s on your track? And that worked fine. :slight_smile: But unfortunately this may not work in some custom cases like yours? Maybe a good feature request? To be able to override ‘real time export’ and thus ignore all external inputs when requested?

I can see it being tricky to implement in a good way, but being able to detect bypassed sends in export would be handy. For now this works though.