Real-time on cubasis2 don’t work

Hi I have cubasis2 and I purchased the real-time plugin and it doesn’t work I mean it’s coming up when I load and seem like it’s working but it doesn’t do anything

Hi eyalas74,

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We are sorry to read that you seem to have issues, using the new Waves RT plug-in with Cubasis.

Please have a look at our available WavesTune Real-Time tutorial clip, to quickly learn how to use the plug-in!

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Hi Lars,
I think I may have a similar problem with understanding the RT plug-in. The YouTube video moves on pretty quickly and it would be great to have a more step by step guide and explanation. I have some question too about the extended routing which I’ll post later. Something is definitely happening, particularly on the Formant dial but I can’t hear much effect from the others.
As an example: I can make an audio recording of a single line melody in, say, Db and switch the target Key to G major. I would expect the correction to select the nearest adjacent note and use the notes of G. But the readout of the notes just tells me the notes that I am actually playing in concert pitch, none of which are in the target key and none are retuned. I’ve played with the dials too.
I’m using Cubase 3.

Hi @YJS,

Next to the the tutorial, please find the Waves Tune RT plug-in fully documented in the Cubasis 3 in-app help:

Hope that helps!

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Many thanks - will be checking this out.