Real-time peak/average load readings overload on new Win10


I recently moved to Windows 10 from 7. I used a new SSD system drive and a clean install of W10 instead of doing the upgrade.

I am using Cubase Elements 8 with an M-audio Mobile-pre, old but still works. All my drivers are up to date.

I am now getting erratic real-time peak and average processing load readings. They both go into overload with just and couple of Instruments (I am just using the built in VSTs, HALion and Groove agent etc). Crackling and pops then start to be heard!

In fact the readings are erratic with a blank template loaded and nothing playing.

The Ram and Processor usage on task manager remain low.

With my old Windows 7 system the same setup works flawlessly with many instruments, loads of audio tracks and a lot of of plug-ins. The reading for the real-time peak and average processing load would hardly move from a very low position.

Also I have the exact same setup on my Windows 10 laptop also using the same M-Audio interface. Despite being significantly lower spec than my main PC, it runs fine.

I tried LatencyMon. It Says My system appears to be suitable (see attachment).

I tried the generic ASIO driver, asio4all and the M-audi driver; same problem with all.

Reducing the buffer size also didn’t help.

I tried disabling WLAN after reading a thread I found I on this forum, which worked for the person who posted the same problem. It did nothing to help on my system.


I7 3930k
16GB of ram
GTX 960 4GB
240 GB SSD system drive.

Cubase is unusable while this is happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Screen 1.jpg - Simple project with just three instruments playing + LatencyMon:
Screen 2.jpg - Task manager processes:
Screen 2.jpg
Screen 1.jpg

A friend lent me a modern Focusrite interface. I uninstalled the divers for my old M-audio interface and installed the latest drivers for the Focusrite.

No change. I open a blank template and the VST performance meters are jumping about erratically and playing any instrument causing spikes into the red. At this point crackles and pops occur.

I have been using Cubase on both Mac and PC since the late 90s. This is the first major issue I have come up against that I could not research and fix. I did find a couple of threads regarding this issue on other forums and on YouTube. They did not appear to get resolved.

I could go back to my Windows 7 system drive but I do prefer Windows 10, plus the applications I use for work seem to run a little smoother on Win 10. It would be a shame to go back just because of one application!

Anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem?


Installed windows 10 drivers for the motherboard – chipset, lan, SATA, audio ect.

Still no good…