Real-time peak, high CPU load, crakel and pops

Hi Steinberg Forum.
I had all the problems mentioned above, so I decided to do a test, I opened the performance monitor so I could keep track of the CPU, memory and hard drives, to see what happens when I play a simple project, with drums, two synths, guitar and bass, I had to close a window (I have two screens, the main program on one and MixConsole, VST Instrument, Transport Panel on the other) and it became VST Instrument which I closed, oddly enough I had no problem anymore, hmm, I open the VST Instrument again and the problems were back. I tried to open VST Instrument in “Right Zone” in the main program and the problems were there again. I’m not an expert, but this solved my problems in the CB10 Pro. This also affects some synths, which now work perfectly flawlessly.
I hope this helps someone who has the same problem.