Real Time Peak Maxing Out

HI… I have tried to post a screen shot of what is going on. (Sorry it’s a compressed file)., but basically…
Although my CPU is running at around 25% and my memory lower than that, Cubase is showing a Real Time Peak of maximum constantly. (Due to the Block size in the interface settings). Even with a project that just has printed audio tracks and not even doing anything!!!
It has happened only recently and has gradually got worse to the situation today. I first started noticing an very large latency problem from my keyboard to a VST. Changed the settings in my AudioBox, but that caused the peak problem. If I set the Block size on the AudioBox to say… 256… (not unreasonable?)… I get latency… (A lot)
Cubase 10.5 pro… (mostly on default settings)
i9 CPU on an Ai overclock (Asus m/b)
64gb RAM
(All on the screen shot)
I have checked through the various ASUS programs too and all seems ok on the computer side. I’m guessing its a driver issue somewhere possibly? I’m just not sure where.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Any ideas please people?
Many thanks
2020-02-27 Cubase Peak Load.rar (1.78 MB)