Real-Time Peak

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to decrease real-time peak?

Whenever I’m playing a project with a track with record enabled selected I’m getting 100% CPU spikes in real time which causes pops. This makes it problematic when I want to record a part while playing back. The project has about 20 instrument tracks which is not a lot. Even when the project is at idle the real-time meter is at about 30%.

I’m running a new AMD system 3700X, 32bit float at 128 buffer size, 48K, Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme is on, ASIO Guard level is on high. I increased the buffer to 256 but did not make a difference.

Not sure if there is an option I’m missing that is causing these spikes?

The load of your project… and the need to perform the new part is too much for your PC. Have you overclocked your cpu yet? When you unarm the track is the project fine? Is the part you’re recording midi or audio? You could try turning off any later in the chain processing, Freeze some of the other instrument, if midi, record using a lighter vst and copy the midi.

Edit: Turn off other PC processes.

Have you tried the different ASIO guard settings?

20 instrument tracks can be a lot if it is cpu hungry instruments. If you freeze 10 instruments do you still get the spikes? If the answer is yes then it would most likely be a latency issue.