real time peak

I have started a project,just using monark in reaktor 5 and u-he satin all 64 bit.
I am looping a 1 bar bassline and the realtime peak keeps bouncing from 50% to 100%
my interface is sret to 512 in the buffer settings.
surely my system shuld be able to cope without spiking with so little going on!

come on folks.someone bound to have opinion on this?

Maybe Cubase is not optimised for AMD processors, and 8GB of RAM is probably only just about enough.

Try turning off hyperthreading in the bios, I still use an older i7 960, and that spikes unless hyperthreading is turned off.

This is the first time I have heard of cubase not optimized for amd. Now it makes sense. amd is the best I hope cubase caches up

Steinberg say AMD are supported - and I hadn’t heard of it not being (Ive used AMD machines with Cubase before, no problem -

OP - have you looked at all your other drivers like graphics etc? I’ve seen issues with graphics drivers before causing CPU ASIO spikes in cubase. How is your CPU meter in taskbar looking?

spikes due to graphics drivers are normally not related to normal playback of midi data on plugs, but seem most of the time being caused by user interaction (mouse) on the GUI elements of the plugins.
In the post of OP it is not clear what the issue is.

  • Is it the high meter values of the asio meter in comparison with the processor values that concerns him ?
  • Does it spike when he is doing something onscreen, or is the system just giving high values when playing back the sequence ?
  • is it the processor performance that is not as expected ?

I’ve seen the difference with AMD and INTEL systems with more or less technical specs as cores and frequency and things like that. The differences performancewise were very big in favour of INTEL. In fact a normal intel quad core blows a six core AMD away by miles when using vsti’s in cubase.

I’ve had several AMD’s in the past, when they were still more competitive as nowadays, but never AMD for me again untill they are back in to a competitive position. When you want to use vsti’s, Intel is the way to go for the moment imho.

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Hi guys sorry for not replying.thanks for all ur opinions.
In response to one of the replies.
the cpu usage in task manager while running playback on this track is varying from8%-16% physical memory is at 27%

I will try some of the other options shortly.

i just guess i can be the guy the answer was meant for :sunglasses: so FWIW.

ASIO realtime metering is very deceptive to rely on, on multicore machines.
It shows how close one of the cores (the most used) is to it’s max performance.
Since overblowing one core will lead to crackles and stuff like that, it is indeed important.
But in no way it is representing the potential of a system.
To check if a system can handle more you should rely on the cpu performance, since multicore handling is standard nowadays.
If you want to maximize your available resources you should spread things out over different slots in the rack because on normal conditions they will be assigned to a different core.

To give an easy example.
Insert some extra UHE’s.
Your system will not go on to its knees.
In fact you will see that the asio realtime monitoring will get more flattened visually.
But the overall cpu will go up as is expected. :wink:

So when using heavy resource beasts like UHE’s machinery the realtime asio monitor will deceive you visually because they tend to use a lot of a single core, but you still will have plenty of juice to use in the box.

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Hi all,

I really felt for the OP because I’ve just had to change my laptop from a Lenovo with i5 intel, to an HP Pavillion with AMD 8 processor. It all started well then I started to get clicks, pops and sudden latency and I panicked because I thought I had bought a wrong 'un!!

I did the full range of updates, looked at the advice here about adjusting processor settings etc. but I couldn’t get much improvement. Last weekend I downloaded updates from AMD and hey presto, everything seems to be running smoothly.

One thing though, I haven’t, as far as I know, disabled hyperthreading because I don’t know how, but I have noticed that my system works best if it is plugged in and not running on battery?

I use my system for both home recording and VST Connect and, since the AMD updates, it does seem to be better than the i5 intel I was using.

Jim B

I am running AMD 8 core @ 36% CPU, core power in evenly spread. I am using 4.7 GB of my 8Gb RAM. Average load for VST performance is 100%. I don’t think Cubase likes AMD anymore…