Real time peak

Hi everybody
I have a cubase 7.5.3 (64 Bit) on my macbook pro 2014 (2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16Gb ram 1600 Mhz)
I work with jBridgeM and in every project after 30 minutes i got my real time peak to maximum with 10-20 channels it is not ideal to this computer.
Someone have any solution to fix it ?

I read more in that forum about this issue and i see that problem not happened in cubase 6.5 version… ??
If that true someone can give me a link to download the 6.5 version ? i bought the 7.5 version…
I search in steinberg forum to download version 6.5 but i see only the update for download not the complete installation…

Thanks a lot for reading and for help :slight_smile:

someone ??