Real time playback

Hi I am using cubase 7 64 bit and having problems with the real time playback,track keeps stuttering and its is hitting 100% it is only using about 2gb of ram and my PC has 8 gb installed and an i7 processor,is this to do with my sound card ? I am using a m-audio audiophile 2496 and have tried updating the drivers.

Loads of things it could be, you’ll need to do some fault finding to see what the issue is. Does the issue change if you alter the soundcard buffer size (and therefore latency)?

+1. That’s what it ‘sounds’ like to me. —pun intended

Try increasing buffer size on playback.

Do you have Asio Guard on? If yes, try turning it off.

Hi,I have tried upping the sample rate and turned off the asio guard,it has improved it slightly but is still doing it quite a lot.

Now try upping buffer size.

some thoughts:

*change buffer size
*disable/enable asio guard
*check if multicore support is active
*power scheme/disable hard drive sleep
*update your graphic card driver

Hi,I have changed buffer size,disabled asio guard,graphics driver is upto date,where do you check if multicore support is active ?