Real-time resampling plugin on Stereo Out in Cubase 8.5 Pro

Hi All,

Cubase 8.5 Pro user here, looking for a real-time resampling plugin to load into/onto the Stereo Out bus. Does such a plugin exist? Can be a 32- or 64-bits.

Basically I look for the exact same functionality WaveLab’s “Resampling” plugin offers (built into the MASTERSECTION).

Main objective is to create real-time playback compatibility with BT headphones (operating @ 48kHz), while project sample rate maintains @ 96kHz.

Anyone please chime in if you can provide me with any advice on this, many thanks!

I don’t know of anyone that sells a real-time plugin. There are quite a few off-line: iZotope RX, Goodheartz’s Good Dither, Voxengo’s R8brain, among others. Your best bet might be to get Wavelab Cast. It’s only $69 and has the resampler. That’s probably around what you might spend for a good plugin.

Thanks for the reply!

As I already own WaveLab Pro 10, I’m afraid WL Cast won’t be of any added value here. Off-line resampling is not the issue (WL resampling is one of the best algorithms).

I’m (indeed) looking for a real-time (VST?) resampler, just to create temporary BT compatibility @ 48 kHz when switching between outputs in the mixing process.

Thnx again!

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Still much appreciated! (y)