Real Time To CD ?


I recently got approached to transfer a very big vinyl collection to CD and File based formats.

It occurred to me that I could save a great deal of time if WL could record the LP, and after a suitable buffer had accumulated, apply a plug in or 2 ( eg click removal, auto split tracks) and burn the data directly to the CD burner. Done.

Is this a crazy idea ?.. I can’t find any porduct out there that can do this (other than a couple of low end turntable/burner combo’s that get terrible reviews).



I understand the interest (but that’s not easy). But that would mean burning at 1x, something most burners can’t do nowadays.

One way could be to use a standalone CD-recorder (Tascam for instance). That way you could get the audio into Wavelab through audio input plugin, apply other plugins to the master section, and record the audio output.

Luck, Arjan

Remembering to use appropriate blanks for 1x writing, of course.


Thanks… I thought there’d be technical obstacles.

The standalone CD recorder is a distinct possibility. I actually have an old Marantz unit here that I’m trying to nurse back into functionality. I have to get a replacement drive which are available, but stupidly expensive! Thus my curiosity about WL doing it.

Thanks anyway.



Watch the law here!
We used to offer this service, but got hit with a “cease & desist” by the UK Patent office telling me it is illegal to do this for profit. The sole allowance here is that you can do it for someone else for free as long as they can prove they bought the vinyl.
Stupid, but true.
I asked for clarification (even bought the 1988 “Copyright, designs & patents” act and the subsequent “copyright & related rights & regulations” acts (2003 was the last update) where it clearly states it is a criminal offence (not a civil one) to do this as according to the patents office you do not have the right to that record in perpetuity, as perpetuity clauses were made illegal by consumer rights groups for being “unfair” and it is illogical to ban a perpetuity clause when it suits you and demand one when it doesn’t suit.

This depends on what country you live in, so please check.