Real value rests in empty bars

I’m using some complex time signature like (4/4 + 1/8) and I don’t like to see a four beats rest in the space of an octave.
I solved this with a workaround, creating a custom notehead set with rests symbols.
Anyway I’m wondering if there are some settings that make automatically appear the real value of the rests in empty bars.


You’ll have to do it manually. Select the eight note rest, press O to Force Duration, and then duplicate it to the staff below.

I’m used to force rests durations but (maybe I’m wrong) it seems not to work if I try to force a duration that matches exactly with a full bar length.

I already fixed this copy/pasting my fake note with rest notehead, just wondering if it could be an option to to do this automatically.
It would be nice also to have a central alignment of the rest as all the others full bar rests.


have you tried to follow this suggestion?

what is your outcome, after proceeding those three steps?

It works as usual in the previous bar, but in the 1/8 bar the outcome is a full bar rest (the long one)

Tryed again and now yes I can force this duration, I dont know what happened before.
Anyway this doesn’t change the question :wink:

There isn’t an automatic way, no.