Realistic acoustic guitar sound with Cubase Elements 6


I am new to Cubase and just bought Cubase Elements 6. Can anybody tell me how to create a realistic Midi sound for an acoustic/ guitar and use it for composing on the Score? What I have done thusfar:

  1. Added a track in projectmenu
  2. Chose instrument in projectmenu
  3. Chose A.Guitar with Halion Sonic SE as instrument.

When I try to record with midi-keyboard or by using the Score I get a piano sounlike acoustic guitar. What have I forgotten?

I also heard great stories abou Virtual Acoustic Guitar plugins but how much does this cost and where can I download it?



Hi, I reckon the only way your gonna get anything "realistic is to get hold of a good guitar vst…it’s possible to make them sound like an actual guitar in a mix. I had the same problem as you and the only way for me was to outsource, realguitar 2 was the solution for me, I don’t think it’s possible to get Steiny’s virtual guitar anymore.cheers, Kevin

Yeah, well, I outsourced it too (to Guitar Pro), giving me more flexibility on strings but the best realistic sound is in Garageband from Apple, but I can’t export this very good from the Ipad :slight_smile:

Oh., I’ll take a look at those two…always on the lookout for good guitar sounds, cheers, Kevin