Realistic "Drowned In Meaning"

Hi all,

The Realistic album “Drowned In Meaning” was released on Feb. 29, 2012. It was made on a Mac with Cubase 6, Halion, and an assortment of 3rd party VSTs. Check out the bandcamp link below where you can listen to the entire album. I hope you like it!


Interesting, very alternative!
The intro to Token Gestures is my favourite I think :slight_smile:
Your ‘Pointless creative endeavour’ is also very nice!

Just early feedback, because I want to listen to the whole thing. Very nice, very different, very good!

I checked out the first track – quite good actually. I really want to check out the rest of it; given that it’s a mere $6 I might just buy it. Nice to hear at least ONE person in the world still exploring :sunglasses:

Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot to me to hear positive comments coming from fellow Cubase users. I’ve been using Cubase since 1997 (Cubase VST) and I still haven’t explored all the features.

I have listened myself through the album, lots of great moments in there! Congratulations!

Oh, can I ask for a favour?

Please, please produce a 100% danceable remix of that ethereal vibrato guitar passage in ‘Math Is Hard’!

Best wishes


I’ll keep your request in mind as I work on some remixes. If I’m thinking about the same passage, that long guitar loop is a sample from Tommy James & the Shondells “Crimson and Clover.” Just FYI. Thanks for listening.

I’ve been listening to some more of this – very interesting, great stuff. So, who has influenced you to go in this direction? Were you a fan of, say, Soul Coughing?

I’ve been going in this musical direction since 1998 or so when the first Realistic album “Maidenhead” was assembled. Prior to that, I made synth pop under the name Fact 22 for 10 years. Other artists that I think may have influenced me over the years include Art of Noise, Holger Hiller, Coil, FSOL, and Cabaret Voltaire. Another influence is Meat Beat Manifesto, who is maybe similar at times to some Soul Coughing that I’ve heard.

Hello Teenage America!

Holger Hiller! Wowie Zowie!

‘Ein Bündel Fäulnis In der Grube’ (‘A Bunch Of Decay In The Pit’) was quite a popular record in Germany in the early 80s. A very attractive name for an album indeed…:smiley: One of the first guys to use an E-mulator II at that time. ‘Mütter der Fröhlichkeit’ & ‘Johnny’ - great songs!

I have a new EP of remixes from “Drowned In Meaning” up on Bandcamp (pay what you want). All tracks were sequenced and mixed in Cubase 6.5 on a Mac. As well as employing a variety of VST synths and effects, a Moog Minitaur, Moog Voyager RME, Vermona Kick Lancet, Korg Monotribe, Roland TB-303, and a Roland SH-1 were all used in the production of these tracks. I hope you like it!

Amazing use off sounds, great to listen in headphones. You have already answered most of questions but how did you accomplish the wide stereo spreads was it a plugin? works very well

Great writing and mixes truly enjoying

Indeed! Its a million miles away from what I do… but I found my self quite fascinated by what I was hearing. I have a well-known friend in the biz who’s done an album (1995) kinda - sorta along these lines actually… might share it with him. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the kind words.

Kenny, I typically adjust the stereo field in Cubase using a combination of the pan controls and Cubase’s stereo delay and Mod delay effects, various reverbs (Audio Damage EOS, Waves IR-L, Cubase Room Reverb) and sometimes the Audio Damage plugins BigSeq2 and Panstation. Additionally, I use DMG Audio’s Equick and Compassion plugins on the entire mix. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for listening!