Realistic feature requests

Lets be realistic about this, what features do we want to see.

Snap toggle (especially for locators)
Values for fader volume
Values for pan control
Pinch zoom on track view to also zoom in Cubase.
Double tap to zoom on track view
Cubase selected track to be highlighted on the app
Tap name of channel in the mixer view to change selected track in Cubase.
Edit Instrument short cut button
Short cut button (perhaps in the lower taskbar) to switch between the 3 different zoom views of the mixer channels

Also…I’m not sure cubase supports this? but I would LOVE to see the option to set up a shortcut bubble for “Edit insert 1” or “Edit Insert 2/3/4” and so on…

Full Screen Mode for the Keyboard Shortcut Buttons. So there is no Transport, or Project Overview when you just want to do some keyboard shortcuts.

edit instrument shorcut is avaible !
one large mixer page or double mixer page ! :wink:

It is? I don’t see it?
Also what is the L shape all about?

snap on/ off and edit vst instrument are available

L is the listening feature

What about lane editing like volume curves, velocity lane, drum editor?

As shortcuts yes but I don’t think the locators snap to where you want them on the project preview? Maybe it’s tied to what cubase is doing.

Another simple suggestion from me would be the ability to display each shortcut page title.

Thank you for your feedback Harry! :slight_smile:

Edit Channel Window with Sends, and EQ

I just bought IC Pro yesterday so I haven’t had time to get used to it.
Right off I can say that my main request would be to have access to the virtual keyboard. A very important one I think, it would allow the ability to compose entirely from the app (and the comfort of our sofas!).
My secondary wish would be to have access to the Channel EQ, although I could live without it.

Full screen faders on the iPad please.

I’m with you on all of that but it’ll require far more work than previous suggestions.
I’d love to see a drum pad as well as a piano.
I know from experience though that this is not really functional as the lag would kill any usefulness.

Unless the app came with a simple piano/drum kit bank and the app actually recorded the midi data then sends it off to cubase.

Either that or support some kind of non-wireless connection.


One thing i’ve noticed about the app is that it doesn’t display the channel lanes of tracks that are in a folder.
It only seems to display the folder lane in the project view, which is kinda strange.