Realiy I don't know why this has to happen

I was able to fix the problem somehow… ( perhaps using alt+shift+i b4 new changes helped ) but the fact that I always has to look back to see that things I thought I am done with are still ok is a bit disturbing…

Untitled Project 1 -161222 - rhytmic changes - dorico is crazed.dorico (1.4 MB)

Can you be specific about the nature of the problem you’re having?

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Well… I was working on my music and everything seemed to be normal but then I saw few pages earlier - that were completely fine before - that staves are cluttered one upon the other and there was a very large space amongst them - why? I don’t know, I didn’t tamper with anything related to page setup not today not for quite sometime when I restarted the project again… now I understand that the file I have sent is perfectly fine which is very confusing too … looking in the auto save dumper I wasn’t able to find the problematic project… so thanks for your reply and willingness - I don’t know what is going on… you can imagine I wouldn’t bother for nothing with all of this less there was a reason… anyways.
Bye for now.

That’s what I mean, working on this and than two pages backwards I get these staves collapsing… this sense of no progress is really bothering.
As I said b4 - no tampering with page layouts or artificial system / page breaks yet I did set up a page layout rule for notes spacing, I use the “voice column x” in engraving if needed to deal with dynamics issue etc…

Ah, I see. It’s possible sometimes for there to be temporary problems with spacing when moving items elsewhere in the music. If you can pin down the item(s) you’re moving that are causing the staves on earlier pages to move further apart, we can take a closer look to see if we can fix it up. In the meantime, you should always find that closing and reopening the project resolves the problem.


Great - reopening the project sort this problem out.
Thanks very much.
B.T.W. Does it relates to perhaps not enough RAM on my compt.?
Thanks again.

No, it’ll be a subtle bug concerning the graphical range Dorico is updating when you move items in Engrave mode. If you can figure out under what circumstances it starts to go wrong, we should be able to fix it.