Really bad WAV quality :(

Hello Cubase users! I really need your help guys!

I use Cubase 5.1 for recording my metal guitar riffs. I use Line6 UX1 soundcard. Normally it sounds great in Cubase, but after I put it in WAV form it sounds terrible. Really weak signal and bad quality :frowning: Could it be hardware problem or do I did something wrong in the process?

Thx for helping!

What means “put it in WAV form”?

Could be both noone can tell for sure via tne internet, though my guess is you are doing something wrong ( No, I don´t know what that is, not really much info on what your “process” is)

I mean, I did audio mixdown to WAV and this sound terrible

Then you probably did something not correct.

I heard Cubase 5.5 sounds better.