Really bizarre problem, Sends/Playback/No Sound related

I have a MIDI EZDrummer track set up in a song I am working on. I decided that I wanted to do some Bussing for some gated reverb effects on my snare. Well, my computer crashed right in the middle of the process, but thankfully my backup was there.

So, the problem I have now is that the song only generates playback sound from a few random tracks, but all others are not playing back. I’ve checked all of my routing/groups and made sure that they all end up with their routing pointing toward “Stereo Out”.

The only workaround I have right now is to disable “Read Automation”, and then to adjust the volume fader for all tracks that aren’t playing back, and then voila! those tracks will generate playback. BUT, if I click the “Read Automation” button, BOOM it’s right back to silence except for a few random tracks that aren’t even related to one another (one’s a vocal track, the other bass guitar, the other a VSTi).

Any thoughts? Not being able to activate “Read Automation” is not a solution for this song; I need that function.

I had a vaguely similar strange occurrence last week.

I copied a Group channel with a bunch of sends and automaton and Cubase crashed after saving a backup.

The backup showed the new channel and all of the routing but the signal never made it to the new Group channel even though the routing was correct.

It seemed something was corrupted. I had to just delete that new Group and build it from scratch.

Sorry that isn’t of any help to you, but at least you are not alone. Stuff happens…

Maybe try deleting all Automation (F6) on the tracks that don’t play?