Really, can't load my projects with H3 at glance in H4 ?


I can do this only export/ import the bank from H3 to H4 and replace in project.

Until know I said native instruments do it mad, bacause I HAAAAAATE that plugins/effects,
which are not compatible with previous version as done at kontakt (e.g the name of the halion .dll name is changed, so global replacement is not can be done.

Or I know something wrong ? Try to rename halion 4.dll to halion.dll ? :slight_smile:)

Until H3 simple halion.dll was enough, why not this time ? :slight_smile:)

You can say, I could still use halion 3 and h4 together. But, what is really important ?
Do you think that more people will use still H3 when he bought the 4 than
they are currently working on halion projects, or awaiting NEW users more /btw on H5 they will in trouble also, because Iā€™m sure that the new dll name will be anything, but NOT halion 4 :slight_smile:) / than upgraders ?