Really... Cubase 12 Grace Period - activated 11 on October 27 could have waited and gotten 12

Hello, imagine being a new customer who had no idea about your update cycles and having Cubase activated on October 27 just to find out that I could wait till November 9 to be eligible for a free Cubase 12 update… I could swallow this and move on, I mean, I enjoy Cubase but Cubase 12 is going to be something special and I feel bitter now.
I bought my copy from a local studio that has a small online shop in Russia, it wasn’t used or something, they had leftovers that are a little cheaper because of the anniversary discount but I had no idea I could just wait a little.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It’s always like this. Every year, there are people complaining one day here and there. It must be set to any date. If the Grace Period would be from the October 27, there would be other user, who would complain, he bought his Cubase October 26 and he didn’t know.


Got it. Thanks :slight_smile: