REALLY getting frustrated with Cubase 6 TRAIL

To cut a long one short, I have Cubase Artist 6 fully licensed and have been using it for a good few months now.

The wife has given me permission to now upgrade to full Cubase 6 so I’ve downloaded the trial and got a 30 day key to use it. All installed OK but whenever I start it up, it just starts Artist. I’ve even gone to the lenghts of totaly uninstalling Artist and anything Steinburg from my PC, restarted, re-installed the Cubase 6 Trial version and it STILL comes up with Artist.

What am I doing wrong here?

I want to try it before I fork out the £210 for the upgrade.

Please Help.



When you say you got a thirty day key to use the trial, do you mean that you have already ACTIVATED it? You have to go to the license control center and enter that key. If you’re not sure, check the licenses on the dongle in the LCC. There should be one for the trial.

Yeh… it’s activated and showing on my dongle via Elicense control thingy. Finally got it to work but what I had to do was take my dongle out, start the program to the point where it was telling me there’s no licence dongle, then put the dongle back in and hey presto, I then get a dialogue box asking me if I want to start Cubase 6(30 day trial) or Cubase Artist (Fully registered).

Not sure what I did wrong but it’s all working now.