Really need help: how to transfer to iLok

My Cubase dongle is very shaky last 24 hours, sometimes works sometimes not, so I overnighted an iLok and for the life of me cannot figure out how to transfer my licenses from my Steinberg dongle to iLok. iLok has a terrible support website and no phone number.

Not sure where the right place is to post this, but I REALLY need help, I’m so frustrated with iLok selling a product with no support…

Steinberg products do not work with iLok. Only USB-eLicenser.

Okay, that’s helpful and almost a relief because I never want to deal with iLok again. I have 2 Steinberg USB-eLicensers. One holds Cubase 7.5, the other holds Absolute+. The one holding C7.5 is holding onto life by a thread and I’m desperate to get the license off it. Can I move it to my Absolute+ eLicenser? And if so, how? I cannot find any option on the eLCC software that allows me to move one to another.

In the eLCC “help” it suggests that “To transfer an existing license from one eLicenser to another, please drag the respective license from the “Licenses” list to the target eLicenser in the “eLicensers” list”, but it doesn’t work…

Oh, okay figured it out: it’s because Cubase was running. Why didn’t it just tell me to close it…

Make sure you have an iLok II dongle, as Steinberg have repeatedly claimed that Cubase 7/7.5 is not compatible with the original iLok key. As others have said, you cannot transfer any Steinberg license to iLok. The two systems are different and incompatible.


As far as the Dongle goes I have two here and BOTH have fallen apart. Youd think they could make one like the iLok2 that could stand up to all the road abuse since your license is on that thing. :confused:

If your elicencor USB key is less than 2 years old then contact Steinberg technical support and the should send you a replacement.