Really need to be Able To Solo in DAW ( please please )


The SOLO is and has not been working for many versions now,

There is something weird going on when user wants to SOLO

Some other users have menioned this, there are many aspects of soloing, when you are composing in real world ( instead of testing solo in a template ) where it just does not respond like it should

I don t know what it is related to, but pressing SOLO never SOLOes anything for me correctly, and even worse, pressing SOLO again never ever unsoloes the tracks that u just soloed that were wrongly soloed

Please go really deep in to some advanced mixes with automation and check what is going on with solo,

Just simply need to be able to Solo ( like in any previous Cubase version )

It is crucial for mixing sometimes

( Talking about the KeyCommand " S " here, it does not normally solo anything correctly for me and especially never ever it will unsolo anything -> Have to use mouse to press Deactivate all Solo States and i would really like it to work like it should )

“s” behaves as expected here. Have you checked to verify that “s” hasn’t been reassigned to another command?

Hi there, thank you

I found out what is causing it, when your project has Any Mute automation in it, Cubase loses the Solo / Mute statuses and hangs up unless you press release all solo states

Can not solo, when mute automation is in Read State

Only the Deactivate All Solo States button works

Solo & Mute only works on Master / Stereo Out Channel