Really noisy guitar!

Need some help with guitar recording. Trying to get some metal tracks recorded directly into Cubase, but my guitar sounds really shitty.

I followed the guide that was posted in this topic:

and I managed to set it up as desired. The only thing is that there is A LOT of noise when my guitar is just sitting there. Any ways to get rid of the noise without using the crappy noise gate? Bearing in mind I have a crappy on-board sound-card.

If you need any more specs I’ll be more than happy to post them back up but please do help!

Loads of gain usually means loads of noise! A noise gate on the guitar input (sim) can be very effective. if your using a single coil pickup then it’s even worse, any EMF floating about will get amplified, keep away from CRT’s etc.

Then, once you get the least noise possible you can tidy the tracks up by manually editing them.

Lots of good advice from Split (as usual). But I would like to add some points:

  1. Is it possible for you to post a sample recording of this noise? Noise signature may help me (or someone else) identify the source of your problem.
  2. If noise gate before amp is out of question you may want to give Cubase’s stock Gate a try. It’s wonderful, because:
    a. I’ts a predicting one (look-ahead), which reduces the risk of loosing attack parts of your notes.
    b. It has internal side-chain eq. If your noise is band-limited and outside your guitars fundamental frequency range it makes gating really easy.