Really simple question.. but no answer to find..

Hey guys,

i just upgraded from Cubase LE 9.5 to LE 10. Works like a charm, all good. But my question is… What is the difference between LE and Elements, especially in Version 10? Can’t find anything that answers that.

Thank you

LE is OEM software that comes bundled with 3rd party hardware, or as promo from magzines, and has fewer features than Elements.

Thanks for that. I am quite curious what the features are, that i would gain with elements. Because, the step from le 9.5 to 10 already gave me a lot of new things, including loops and the groove agent.

Some (not all) features can be found in the manual (they are marked with „Cubase elements only“. In addition to that, you get more Useable inputs and tracks, as well as some more loops and sounds iirc.

AH yes, i see… sampler track, arranger track… just a few to name. That helps a lot!

Thanks Sven