Really Slow GA Loading in Mixcraft - solved it, kinda

Hello people, perhaps someone can help me out here .
2 days ago I bought a Groove Agent 5 soft, installed it, registered the content, all is good, it loads within few seconds as a Standalone but when I try to open it inside a Mixcraft DAW - it takes at least 3-5 minutes to load, why is that ? and how can it be fixed ?

thanks .

hmm, interesting, yes it takes a really long time to load it as a New Instrument,
but if I save the session file with GAgent already loaded as 1 of the instruments - the next time I open the Mixcraft session file - GAent loads in seconds, so for the time being the best solution I’ve found, it to save a template with GA on it and then every new track will open with GA already on it, which saved loading times .